WordCamp Manchester 2016

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Saturday was WordCamp Manchester Day! I woke up at 5.30am had a shower and headed out for a 6.50am train to Manchester. Arriving in Manchester Oxford Road station at about 7.10am, I made my way down Oxford Road in search of …COFFEE!

I ended up lurking suspiciously outside Costa, as it did not open until 7.30am! Once open, I grabbed a large Latte and a nice heated breakfast Sandwich and headed for the Manchester Met Business School. I found a nice wall to sit on and enjoyed my breakfast as I awaited the arrival of my fellow 34SPers.

The van arrives and we unload our gear into the venue. Claire and Rhys brief us on set up areas etc and we start to set up our stand. An old colleague and friend Mike was there representing Bytemark, who where attending their first WordCamp. It is always nice to meet friends in the industry and reminds you how we all provide something different, to cater for all types of WordPress users.

11AM came and it was time for our talk. I won’t lie, I was somewhat nervous, as this was our first talk at a WordCamp. Tom gave us our brief and then our introduction. We got underway and the talk went great.


Photograph By Siobhan Hancock

This WordCamp is the first one where I didn’t sit in any of the major talks. I only managed to make the lightening talks. Don’t worry, I will be waiting to watch you all on WordPress.tv. However, this was because I was out there meeting new people and getting to know people in the community better.

It was a real pleasure to meet you all. I need to get better at giving you my card however, or at least asking you for yours! If there is any of you out there who remember talking to me, please do drop me a tweet @keithage and I will follow you, say hi etc 🙂

I also got to meet John Ossoway, one of our customers, which is always a pleasure and he asked if the slides would be made available online. As promised here they are below.

Please find the slides from our talk below.

A video of the talk from http://wordpress.tv is below: 


I want to say thank you to Kayleigh Thorpe, a truly awesome member of our WordPress team for talking with me and for making the slides look pretty. To Tim Nash for his support and guidance.

Special thanks to all the organisers and volunteers at WordCamp Manchester for such a great day.