Warrington Digital Crossover Project

Sponsored by G7MNP

Glen G7MNP asked me if I could set up a Raspberry Pi 3b+ to act as a permanent digital crossover for various modes. This is a digital link for Warrington Amateur Radio club, however, the links can be used by local radio amateurs as well as those wishing to contact people in the club or the Warrington area. Glen runs the box providing both electricity and internet for the system. Please feel free to contact him and buy him a coffee.

Glen purchased a Pi as well as a DV3000U USB Ambe +2 dongle. I have installed Dvswitch and currently have DMR to P25 working nicely.

The box provides crossover between DMR <> P25 <> YSF (VW)

Bellow are the reflector details. All should be available in pi-star:
P25 – TG 10350
DMR – TG 2345886 This is on the Brandmiester network and is awaiting an official talk group. For now, you can use the G0WRS DMR id.

Whats in the box?

A raspberry pi 3b plus with a dv3000u ambe dongle

The core of the system is Raspian lite running a P25 Reflector (written by Jonathan Naylor – G4KLX).
Connected to it is a P25 and YSF Gateway which in turn connects to mmdvm_bridge (written by the dvswitch team).
There are two analogue bridges that provide the transcoding for DMR and utilise the DV3000U for this purpose.
This provides the link between DMR, YSF and P25.
The box also has its own YSF Reflector (written by Jonathan Naylor – G4KLX) for hotspots to connect to.

Users of Yaesu System Fusion must use the VW (Voice Wide) mode to be heard.
The guys over at dvswitch are working on mmdvm_bridge at the moment and when the next update comes along an analogue bridge will be added to allow DN into the system.