Warning! Before updating your Zum/HS hat firmware to 1.4.12

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I want to bring your attention to this commit: https://github.com/juribeparada/MMDVM_HS/commit/7020510f2ee945bcba8021b93912cb09bda2183d
Due to issues over in the states with hotspots being used on frequencies intended for satellites, the developer has banned the use of the following frequency blocks.

// Banned amateur frequency ranges (satellite only, ISS, etc)
#define BAN1_MIN 145800000
#define BAN1_MAX 146000000
#define BAN2_MIN 435000000
#define BAN2_MAX 438000000

I know a few people in the UK use some frequencies in these blocks, mainly the UHF frequencies. DONT upgrade yet, if you don’t wish to loose the ability to use them!

There is a short commentary on the commit, but hopefully the discussion can be carried on and a more internationally acceptable management of the bans. For example only banning frequencies based on the country of the user and their relative licensing laws.