Say hello to my little Zum

Meet my personal mobile hotspot. This is a zumspot hat on a Pi Zero W, running pi-star. With it, I have a 25000mAh battery to run mobile with. The case is a wooden effect and came from ML&S.

For those not familiar with hotspots they can operate on DMR, Yaesu Fusion, D-Star, P25 and NXDN. So you can use all your favourite handhelds.

Zumspot running pi-star
Zumspot and Battery

The zumspot is held onto the battery using £1 bobbles (them things you use for pigtails and the like) you get a pack of about 10 and can use them for cable tidies and all sorts. You can also nick them off your X/YL.

When mobile, the hotspot tethers to my mobile phone and can use mobile data or wifi depending on what connectivity I have.

I will be taking this out with me so I can access DMR and Fusion when I travel about the country.

I have not yet timed it, but this can run on the battery for many many hours.