RSGB National Field Day 2019

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MIDCARS (Mid Cheshire Amateur Radio Society).

So what is National Field Day? It is a VHF/UHF/SHF contest that runs for 24 hours from Saturday, July 6th until Sunday, July 7th.
Midcars always take part in this event and it is one of the clubs revered outings. I am even told that there is great food cooked up by the crew, including a curry on Friday night!

The crew get to the field on Friday to set up the various antennas and stations. I hope to get pictures of this to share with you after the event. We will all be camped out for the weekend working the radios throughout the night.
We will be running four stations and look forward to making as many contacts as we can.

The site also has CCTV installed to protect the equipment around the clock.

I will be posting a follow-up blog that will share the full experience with you.