Productivity Overhaul

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Every Friday morning, I have a 2 hour personal development period. While mostly it is learning new things to further my skillset, I also use it to review my toolsets and see if I can make my workflows etc faster and ultimately easier!

At the weekend I attended WordCamp Edinburgh. On the Sunday I joined Luminus for his productivity workshop, which spurred todays session.

 Update all the things

While it goes without saying, do update all the things. One annoying issue at the weekend was caused because I had held back on updating MacOS. Who can blame me after High Sierra, but really it just makes xcode etc play nicer.
It brought to my attention that I had edited a theme in my oh-my-zsh master branch and forgot about it. You could argue I should have created a branch for my own edits, but as I only have one line change I used ‘Git Stash’ to temporarily stash the file away and allow me to run an update.


For working locally on your mac, this is hands down the most wonderful shell environment to have. Luminos opened my eyes to various extra addons that you can install. I also found myself re visiting the manual and suddenly thinking oh-my-god why have I been doing this wrong for so long.
I will write a whole post on it’s own about oh-my-zsh as it deserves one.


While the ZSH shell with oh-my-zsh is beautiful when working on git repos and local stuff, I spend a lot of time logged into remote servers all running bash. This is where Alfreds snippets save me. I look at the shortcuts provided by oh-my-zsh etc and try to make similar to be used on remote servers. This is very much a work in progress, but I will write a post about it in more detail.

One of the hardest parts of productivity overhaul is to remember the new shortcuts and don’t fall victim of falling back to what you know. It takes a little time to learn them and I am intending on making myself a little cheatsheet until I get super ninja with it.

Most of todays session was taken up by updating the OS. As I write this, my time slot is running out, so I will say adios for now.