Welcome to the ramblings of Keith Hyde

Welcome to my website

Here I ramble about WordPress, Linux System Administration, Amateur Radio, Music and anything else I can think of.

I am a member of the RSGB and enjoy playing with radio, often going out with like-minded friends setting up antennas and using HF.

I volunteer on a gaming project, where I am a project manager/lead as well as a system administrator. I help to coordinate between the game owners and the developers, using my people skills to strengthen communication between the different levels of the projects staff structure. I also help to encourage creative discussions and problem solving between the various disciplines in the team. I enjoy helping others to reach their goals.

I enjoy speaking at various events, helping to share my knowledge gained over 16 years in the Webhosting business. I am an active speaker in the WordPress community.

I also enjoy recording voice-overs, snippets and podcasts and hope to have some on this website over the winter months of 2019.

I also occasionally attend the Manchester WordPress User Group.
If you are new to WordPress or even a seasoned hand and live in the Manchester area, come along.
They have plenty of interesting talks and many of us on hand to help you with technical issues or to get you started on your new website.

Fancy doing a talk about WordPress at one of the meetings? Let them know at this link: https://mwug.uk/speakers/

Hope you enjoy!

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