WordCamp Brighton 2016

We set off from Manchester at about 11.30am. The weather was lovely, however the traffic was awful. But do not fret, Nina and Kayleigh took full advantage of this and got their Poké action on! Apparently there are many pokémon to collect, when traffic is slow moving. I even caught one myself…for science 😛 We arrived

So…what’s next?

Well, this bloke called Tim Nash teased me with his microphone. (no euphemism intended) and now I am going to buy one too. Blue Yeti Pro should be with me next week. After that, it is time to get making some more videos. If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them….ahh wait….I

At last I attempt content. Emphasis on the attempt!

At last, I have populated the site with some stuff. The lovely Kayleigh is working on the theme for me (graphics really aren’t my thing). The site is very much a construction site a present. Having met so many really great content writers, I feel quite the noob. Hopefully I will raise a smile and