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on 16/06/2010 to 00:42
 Tee (Tromso, Norway)  
Score : 10/10

Nice site, Keith, and interesting themes.

And thanks for a pleasant PSK-31 QSO.

73 de LA1SSA Tore
(http://tore.aasli.no also has a guestbook  )


on 15/04/2008 to 21:21
Score : 10/10

Nice site, fast loading, easy navigation, and very eye catching, well done!.


on 06/05/2007 to 16:02
 Dave M3OCH (NR LIVEREPOOL, United Kingdom)
Score : -/10



on 21/01/2007 to 14:49
 Steve m3lbr (Wigan, United Kingdom)  
Score : 8/10

good website shame a few of the off links dont work but maybee your having problems i dont know this is a good website and i shall add it to my people links, i have also watched your videoS from youtube hahaha quite goood hope to speak to you soon with regurds steve m3lbr



on 09/11/2006 to 00:39
 MW3GWP (Peter) (Wrexham, United Kingdom)  
Score : 10/10

Hello Kieth, great site,keep up the good work, put your site on my linkspage.
Best wishes Peter.

Webmaster’s reply : Hi Peter,

Thanks for the post and thanks for adding me to your links. I will get you along with others on mine soon.

For now though Peter’s site comes highly recommended. Please check it out here:



on 05/07/2006 to 02:50
 BEANO (BRISTOL, United Kingdom)  
Score : 10/10

allo im in search if the main man Badger :Dif you get this bud contact me 😀 add me to msn or somthing 😀

i was doing a search on old skool clans and thought i would look you up 

this sites cool 😀


on 12/06/2006 to 13:49
Delta india alpha norman echo (British Indian Ocean Territory)
Score : -/10