New 2m P25 repeater comes to the North West

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I have just had an update that GB7AM is now out of testing and fully functional.

24th October 2019

Thanks to the efforts of the North West Digital Group, GB7AM is set to hit the airwaves providing P25 across the North West. The repeaters details are as follow:
Band: 2M(RV53)   Output frequency: 145.6625 MHz  RX Frequency: 145.0625 MHz

Testing is currently in progress. It is believed a reflector for P25 hotspots may be made available. So even if you cannot get into the repeater with your XTS3000 etc you will be able to use the repeater using your P25 hotspots. Keep an eye on the North West Digital Group website for updates.

GB7AM Coverage Map

A big thanks to Paul G1DVA for operating and maintaining the repeater. Paul is independent from any repeater groups, so please show your support using the donation button on his page.