Midi fun, A blast from the past!

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So, I was tidying up my old floppy disks and I found some of my old midi files.

Back in 1997 I used to write midi music for friends who made games or screensavers. Many of these where cuts or unfinished but I will share them for prosperity.

I want to take this opportunity to thank Bjørn Lynne, who was a big inspiration to me in those early midi days.

I primarily used Cakewalk 3 and later Encore 3 to create my midi files with a generic midi keyboard plugged in.

A picture of Cakewalk Professional 3 midi sequencer software

Cakewalk Professional 3

A picture of Encore version 3.0 midi software

Encore 3.0


When I wrote these songs, I used an ISA Soundblaster AWE 32 with the 2MB simm addon memory and GS sound fonts.

A picture of an ISA AWE32 soundcard with 2 x 2MB simms

ISA AWE32 with 2 x 2MB simms

Sadly, these days, Sound blasters or soundcards in general don’t have the built in wavetables to play midi properly. To be able to play these and hear them as intended, you will need some extra bits.

First up, big kudos to Rick Simon for his remake of the original Sound Blaster soundfonts. You have done an tremendous job fella! You will need his OmegaGMGS2 24-Bit soundfont from http://www.omegagmgs2.com.

If you have your own midi software you can just tell it to use this soundfont. If you want to listen using media player you need to install VirtualMidi Synth. Once installed click on the green + to add and choose the .sf2 file you downloaded from Rick’s site.


The midi files:

Written and performed by me.

Suck it down (Duke Nukem Screensaver)

First Version – 15/11/1998 9.28pm – Download

Second Version – 15/11/1998 9.06pm – Download


Suck it down 2 (Follow up Screensaver)

Without the transition from Suck it Down at start – 12/08/1999 5.19pm – Download

Final take (With blend in from previous suck it down)  – 13/08/1999 12.39am – Download


Winter (A song written for a friends game)

Final take – 12/12/1998 1.26pm –Download


Jig (Was meant to be an Irish jig that never went anywhere)

Final take – 12/08/1999 5.19pm –Download


Eclipse (There was an eclipse on this day so I made a tune. Yet another idea that never went anywhere) – 12/08/1999 7.12pm – Download


Augnew1 (No idea what this was meant to be, but you can hear some influences from The Who and  Bjørn Lynne in it) – Download


The following midi’s where arrangements performed by me, but songs written by other people:


Just cant get enough by Depeche Mode – 12/12/1998 2.27am – Download

Salt Water by Julian Lennon – 7/11/1998 11.20pm – Download


I have found a couple that are Cakewalk .wrk files. If I can manage to get them to midi, I will add those too!