WordCamp Edinburgh 2018

Friday 16th – Travel Day It’s Friday 16th November and I am super excited about going up to Edinburgh for a weekend of WordPress. I pack my bag, check my tickets and head into Manchester. On arriving, I rendezvous with Kayleigh Thorpe and we head down to the platform for our train. The good news

Productivity Overhaul

Every Friday morning, I have a 2 hour personal development period. While mostly it is learning new things to further my skillset, I also use it to review my toolsets and see if I can make my workflows etc faster and ultimately easier! At the weekend I attended WordCamp Edinburgh. On the Sunday I joined

WordUP Brighton

Me and Kay went down to Brighton last week for their monthly WordUP meeting. The night was all about images and there where some great talks. Rich Copping talked about the use of images and tips on where when and how to use them effectively. Kay talked about image optimisation and how to use galleries

WordCamp Manchester 2016

Saturday was WordCamp Manchester Day! I woke up at 5.30am had a shower and headed out for a 6.50am train to Manchester. Arriving in Manchester Oxford Road station at about 7.10am, I made my way down Oxford Road in search of …COFFEE! I ended up lurking suspiciously outside Costa, as it did not open until

WordCamp Brighton 2016

We set off from Manchester at about 11.30am. The weather was lovely, however the traffic was awful. But do not fret, Nina and Kayleigh took full advantage of this and got their Poké action on! Apparently there are many pokémon to collect, when traffic is slow moving. I even caught one myself…for science 😛 We arrived