Image of all who attended HUBFest

HUBFest 2019

An educational and fun holiday. We played Radio, space stations and more! HUBFest is an annual event ran by the administrators of HUBNet. Radio Amateurs who use the hub are invited to come along to meet face to face and to have fun and play radio. The weekend kicked off on Thursday morning. I called

Warning! Before updating your Zum/HS hat firmware to 1.4.12

I want to bring your attention to this commit: to issues over in the states with hotspots being used on frequencies intended for satellites, the developer has banned the use of the following frequency blocks. // Banned amateur frequency ranges (satellite only, ISS, etc) #define BAN1_MIN 145800000 #define BAN1_MAX 146000000 #define BAN2_MIN 435000000 #define BAN2_MAX


HUBNet is a network based on the Allstar system. The core values are to provide linking between RF repeaters of all modes and bands. Bringing radio amateurs together and allowing you to rag chew across short and large distances without the 5 and 9 contest grind. Check out the website:

Beware the fake Nagoya Antennas!

Sadly, all sellers on Amazon appear to be selling copies and getting the real thing is surprisingly hard. Amazon also rejects reviews warning others that these are false. I know, because I have one I bought myself. I ended up buying a Welsh made antenna from Sandpiper, so I at least know it is genuine,

Buying goodies and terrible mic fright

So, as I re embark on my radio journey I have bought a few bits and pieces. I have a new CAT cable so I can program / control my FT-857D. I have ordered a Nagoya NA771 antenna for my little Baofeng UV-5R and I have a new meter coming so I can keep a better

First small project: Swap out the noisy fan!

The Watson W25-AM (25 Watt) power supply, is renowned for its jet engine antics, once you draw more than 500ma from it. Enter the spare 80mm fan I had won many years back in a radio club raffle. Gave it a good clean out while I was at it. It is much quieter now. I

Up Up and Away!!! (Recovered post from 2006)

February 06, 2006 Up Up and Away!!! The Biggest of all the projects took place on Sunday. Thanks to the installation skills of M3LXS and 2E0GYD my trusty Watson 50 took to the skies. See pictures here When asked what he thought Mark M3LXS said ‘booming mate booming’ 🙂