Warrington Digital Crossover Project

Sponsored by G7MNP Glen G7MNP asked me if I could set up a Raspberry Pi 3b+ to act as a permanent digital crossover for various modes. This is a digital link for Warrington Amateur Radio club, however, the links can be used by local radio amateurs as well as those wishing to contact people in

Say hello to my little Zum

Meet my personal mobile hotspot. This is a zumspot hat on a Pi Zero W, running pi-star. With it, I have a 25000mAh battery to run mobile with. The case is a wooden effect and came from ML&S. For those not familiar with hotspots they can operate on DMR, Yaesu Fusion, D-Star, P25 and NXDN.

New 2m P25 repeater comes to the North West

Thanks to the efforts of the North West Digital Group, GB7AM is set to hit the airwaves providing P25 across the North West. The repeaters details are as follow:Band: 2M(RV53)   Output frequency: 145.6625 MHz  RX Frequency: 145.0625 MHz Testing is currently in progress. It is believed a reflector for P25 hotspots may be made available. So even if you cannot get into