Buying goodies and terrible mic fright

So, as I re embark on my radio journey I have bought a few bits and pieces.
I have a new CAT cable so I can program / control my FT-857D. I have ordered a Nagoya NA771 antenna for my little Baofeng UV-5R and I have a new meter coming so I can keep a better eye on the SWR and power when working on HF.

One thing I have found myself struggling with is mic fright. When I passed my foundation and then went into my intermediate, you couldn’t shut me up, but now I am finding I have good days and bad days.

I am not sure what it is I am frightened of, but I am that nervous at times that I can hear the fear in my voice. Like all things, once I get going I am fine, but trying to put a call out or go back to someone and I seem to loose my bottle.
Hopefully this is something I will shake off with time. The radios only been out of its box less than two months, so deep breaths!