RSGB National Field Day 2019

MIDCARS (Mid Cheshire Amateur Radio Society). So what is National Field Day? It is a VHF/UHF/SHF contest that runs for 24 hours from Saturday, July 6th until Sunday, July 7th. Midcars always take part in this event and it is one of the clubs revered outings. I am even told that there is great food

Warrington Digital Crossover Project

Sponsored by G7MNP Glen G7MNP asked me if I could set up a Raspberry Pi 3b+ to act as a permanent digital crossover for various modes. This is a digital link for Warrington Amateur Radio club, however, the links can be used by local radio amateurs as well as those wishing to contact people in


A delightful look into the skies above North Uist I want to share with you Hebcam Hebcam is something of a labour of love….no not for me, although I do love watching it, but for Stuart GM7VEC and Peter G7RPG. For Stuart, it was his desire to share the wonders of our skies and

Say hello to my little Zum

Meet my personal mobile hotspot. This is a zumspot hat on a Pi Zero W, running pi-star. With it, I have a 25000mAh battery to run mobile with. The case is a wooden effect and came from ML&S. For those not familiar with hotspots they can operate on DMR, Yaesu Fusion, D-Star, P25 and NXDN.

New 2m P25 repeater comes to the North West

Thanks to the efforts of the North West Digital Group, GB7AM is set to hit the airwaves providing P25 across the North West. The repeaters details are as follow:Band: 2M(RV53)   Output frequency: 145.6625 MHz  RX Frequency: 145.0625 MHz Testing is currently in progress. It is believed a reflector for P25 hotspots may be made available. So even if you cannot get into

Glib Glob and Squawk

Why do I keep getting those noises and how can I try and fix them? Firstly, welcome to the wonderful world of Yaesu System Fusion, C4FM, Digital Narrow and Voice Wide. Sometimes we are lucky, we build or buy a digital hotspot and it just works. Sadly that is not always the case and sometimes

Operation Victor Whisky

A journey into Yaesu System Fusion’s Voice Wide Mode As of today, the Northwich Repeater Group runs two YSF (Yaesu System Fusion) Voice Wide repeaters. GB7SJ (Northwich) and GB7YZ (Mold). These are both linked together via the GB7SJ YSF reflector. While DN (Digital Narrow) can be used, the repeaters are usually used in VW (Voice

Image of all who attended HUBFest

HUBFest 2019

An educational and fun holiday. We played Radio, space stations and more! HUBFest is an annual event ran by the administrators of HUBNet. Radio Amateurs who use the hub are invited to come along to meet face to face and to have fun and play radio. The weekend kicked off on Thursday morning. I called

WordCamp Bristol 2019

The weekend kicked off on Friday, with me and Kayleigh Thorpe jumping on a train from Manchester Piccadilly to Bristol Temple Meads. We had a good journey down and arrived early evening. We climbed our way up the hills until we reached the town centre. Here we learned it can be hard to find a

WordCamp Edinburgh 2018

Friday 16th – Travel Day It’s Friday 16th November and I am super excited about going up to Edinburgh for a weekend of WordPress. I pack my bag, check my tickets and head into Manchester. On arriving, I rendezvous with Kayleigh Thorpe and we head down to the platform for our train. The good news