First small project: Swap out the noisy fan!

The Watson W25-AM (25 Watt) power supply, is renowned for its jet engine antics, once you draw more than 500ma from it. Enter the spare 80mm fan I had won many years back in a radio club raffle. Gave it a good clean out while I was at it. It is much quieter now. I

Welcome to my site

Here I ramble about WordPress, Linux System Administration, Amateur Radio, Music and anything else I can think of. Hope you enjoy!   Keith.

Up Up and Away!!! (Recovered post from 2006)

February 06, 2006 Up Up and Away!!! The Biggest of all the projects took place on Sunday. Thanks to the installation skills of M3LXS and 2E0GYD my trusty Watson 50 took to the skies. See pictures here When asked what he thought Mark M3LXS said ‘booming mate booming’ 🙂

Midi fun, A blast from the past!

So, I was tidying up my old floppy disks and I found some of my old midi files. Back in 1997 I used to write midi music for friends who made games or screensavers. Many of these where cuts or unfinished but I will share them for prosperity. I want to take this opportunity to