About Me

Picture of Keith giving a talk at WordCamp Brighton

Hello! My name is Keith. I have been working in webhosting for 16 years, I am a linux system administrator, a public speaker, maker of podcasts and voicer of, well, anything that needs a voice.

Photograph by Tammie Lister.

I am a part of the WordPress community and love to help others embrace the power of the command line as well as sharing my own experiences in the WordPress space over many years.

I love music, I was a drummer in a band called D.D.O. as well as a tuned percussionist and brass player in a marching band in my younger days. I have also dabbled in writing music using a midi keyboard. I was a DJ in the late 90’s early 00’s mainly providing warm-up for the main acts of the evening. I also played weddings, children’s parties and quiz nights.

Electronics has always been a passion of mine. I studied my City and Guilds 224 in Analogue and Digital Electronics back in the early 90’s and worked for a time repairing, calibrating and modifying industrial electronics. This has also led me into many of my other hobbies.

Radio and television have also always been a passion of mine. Not so much the listening and watching, but the making. As a teenager, I wanted to become a camera operator for the BBC, with dreams of working at Pebble Mill in Birmingham, about 30 miles from where I grew up. In the end, I never followed this passion and instead went into electronic servicing. However, I did stay in radio by becoming a licensed radio amateur, where I enjoy playing with raspberry pi’s and digital radios, going out with like-minded friends camping and setting up huge aerials and generally chatting and playing with communication via RF.

My love for radio did mean I listened to a lot of it. I used to love listening to radio personalities from varied arenas. Terry Wogan, Steve Wright, Jimmy Young, Ken Bruce, Alan Del, John Peel, Fluff freeman, Tony Blackburn, Noel Edmunds and Kenny Everett to name but a few. Being a radio DJ lurked in the back of my mind, but I never pursued it with any vigour. My first break at using my voice happened in unexpected circumstances. I worked on placement at Warwick University in their languages department. We had a recording studio where lecturers would record their language classes for cassette or radio. One day the English voice for a Japanese language course fell ill and they needed a voice. This was the day I lost my local accent and was moulded to a radio voice. Skip to today and I now record voice-overs and podcasts along with a dabble in internet radio here and there.

The voice has also come into play with public speaking. Having been encouraged by many friends (especially Tim Nash) and community members I took to the stage to share my knowledge and passions. I have found this to be very rewarding for both the audience and myself.