5 things I took away from WordCamp London

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Keith with wapuu

Keith with wapuu

One: Community.

It is very clear that WordPress has an amazing community. From the organisers and volunteers,  to the sponsors and attendees. The community spirit was all around.

Two: Collaboration.

It was great, as a system administrator, to meet plugin developers. But the biggest thing that stood out, was the desire to work together with hosts, to help get the best from both their plugins and the hosts themselves.

Three: Passion.

The passion for everything WordPress was very obvious. I feel very lucky to have been able to share that passion with all levels of the community, be it developers, content writers or designers.

Four: Accessibility.

Accessibility was a key focus and was all around us. Making WordPress accessible in all ways, helps to bring us all together.

Five: Mike Little has an awesome record collection.

WordCamp is not just about WordPress. It is about friendships, meeting like minded people, working together and adding your part to a growing community of great people.